National Solar Schools Program

The federal government’s National Solar Schools Program (NSSP) has meant that dozens of schools have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to install solar power systems which offer both an environmental and educational benefit.

Applications for the National Solar Schools Program were closed on June 30, 2013. SAE Group have been involved with this program and the installation process for several ‘Solar Schools’.  This program provided many benefits to the local school community, including

  • A reduction in operating costs for the school – meaning more money could be invested into school resources
  • It’s educational value, where renewable energy could be seen in action
  • The schools involved in the NSSP were able to reduce school community’s carbon footprint

This was a very beneficial program that built great reward for those schools involved.  If you would like to see the National Solar Schools Program re-established, please contact you Federal Member, as well as the Education Minister, Industry Minister and the Environment Minister.

Here are the Solar Schools SAE Group had the opportunity to work with:

Quirindi Public School – Quirindi

Install Date: September, 2012
System Size: 17.1kW
Solar Panels: 90 x 190W NESL DJ-190D/A
Inverter: SMA Tripower 17000TL

quirindi public school solar system