Solar Rebate Might End

The Abbot Government has taken another step at overhauling climate policies. A four person panel has been put together to review the RET (Renewable Energy Target). The panel will be headed by Dick Warburton an alleged global warming sceptic that led the charge against the carbon tax.

Burchell Wilson, Chief Economist for the Australian Chamber Of Commerce stated on ABC news that he was hopeful Solar-Panel-Rebatesthat the scale of the Renewable Energy Target would be scaled back and provisions made for phasing it out over time.

By lowering the RET the STC’s (Small Scale Technology Certificates) or the solar rebate could decrease in value due to the supply and demand of the STC’s generated. In the last month the STC’s have been trading around $38.50, in the past we have seen them trade as low as $17.00. If the STC’s were to drop to this level again the price of a 6kw solar system would increase by $2666.00, if the STC’s were removed altogether the system would increase by a massive $4774.00

Commercial properties have the same problem but on a larger scale, the STC rebate for a 99.75kw system at the moment is $87537.35, as a commercial property owner this is a saving that you would not want to miss out on.

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