Should You Get Solar Energy

Solar Energy, Will You See an Improvement?

How to determine where solar energy will benefit you and your home.  This article will look at the main questions that revolve around solar installation, the reduction of your power bill, and will you really save money.

When investigating whether you should get solar energy, you need to have a fair idea of the results that can be expected.  So, what can you expect in terms of solar power results?*
You should see a noticeable drop in your day time power usage.
Due to this, you will reduce your power bill
If your new solar energy system provides more power than you can use, that excess power should go back into the power grid.  Meaning, you should actually receive payment from your electricity supplier for the power going back into the power grid

However, the above information is a general guideline, as there are a number of variables that will impact on your results.  The main variables include the size of the solar energy system, your current power usage and the state tariffs and electricity provider you deal with. 

You should get solar energy to enjoy the above benefits.  To maximise your results, you will also need to strategically make use of your solar power.  This will be achieved by making full use of your solar power during the daylight hours.  This is the time when you should run power hungry devices at different times.  Devices like washing machines, pool filters and the like.  This approach means your demand on the power grid is greatly reduced.  This will also reduce your power bill.

Any additional power your solar energy system creates that you do not use, is pushed back into the electricity grid.  Depending on the state you live in and the electricity provider you use, you should receive credits for this power against your electricity bills.

In addition to all the financial benefit associated with installing solar energy, you also help the climate.  By relying on the sun for the majority of your electricity usage, you reduce the demand on fossil fuels, help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

You should get solar energy to enjoy each of these benefits.  However, to determine which system is going to get you the best results, please go to our Solar Power Quote page and one of our friendly Energy Efficient Consultants will be in touch to discuss the options available to you.