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Our range of solar hot water systems by Envirosun

Envirosun Solar Hot Water Systems Range includes:

The TS Series and the AS Series




Solar Hot Water Systems - Envirosun TS SeriesThe TS Series of Solar Hot Water Systems

Envirosun’s TS Series offer a breakthrough in thermosiphon solar hot water systems performance.  The TS Series features an innovative, yet simple design with a complete and compact on-roof system, with no moving parts.

Today’s Envirosun TS systems represent the cumulative advance of over a century of technological development.  We offer tanks manufactured in either vitreous enamel-lined steel or 444 stainless steel.  Our systems are larger, save more energy, deliver more hot-water and do so at a far higher pressure than our competitors.

TS stands for thermosiphon solar hot water systems, also known as ‘passive’ systems. This series offers maximum efficiency and a cost-effective solution for most homes.  These systems feature the traditional ‘tank-on-the-roof’ configuration – water in a flat plate solar collector is heated by the sun and the water rises into an insulated storage tank located above the collector.  There are 2 models, the open circuit and the closed circuit.

The open circuit TS solar hot water systems utilise the principle of convection.  Water is circulated through the system, relying on the hot water rising up through the collectors and into the tank.  This water is replaced by cold water which is then heated using the same approach, creating a continuous cycle.

For colder areas, particularly those prone to frost or with poor water quality, the Closed Circuit Solar Hot Water Systems model is the best option.  This model incorporates a special solar transfer fluid that circulates through the system.  This fluid transfers the heat to the water via a heat exchange method.

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The AS Series of Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems - Envirosun AS Series

The Envirosun AS Series solar hot water systems offers greater flexibility, improved aesthetics and higher capacity. The AS Series is known as a pumped or active system.

The AS Series are usually installed when visual impact is to be kept to a minimum or the roof structure is not able to hold a tank.  Our AS Series of solar hot water systems offer high efficiency through roof-mounted collectors and a storage tank offering higher capacity.

These systems only require the solar collectors to be installed on the roof with the storage tank situated at ground level or any other convenient and out-of-the-way location.

The operating principle of these systems is relatively simple – when the solar collectors are able to add heat into the storage tank, a small pump is switched on to circulate hot water from the collectors and replace it with cool water from the tank.  Once the tank is full of hot water, the pump is switched off, but ready for the next cycle.

While pumped solar hot water systems have been around for many years, modern electronics and materials have brought improvements in both function and reliability.  Today’s Envirosun AS Series adopts many of these technological advances and blends them with our collector technology.  The end result is high-performance, active solar hot water systems. Like the TS Series, the AS Series also features the Open Circuit and Closed Circuit models.

In the open circuit system, water is circulated between tank and collectors by a small pump which is regulated by our world-leading Smart Controller. This measures the temperature difference between the water temperature in the collectors and the tank and optimises the solar energy collected.

In the closed circuit solar hot water systems, just like in the TS Series, the special solar transfer fluid is circulated through the system. The heat is transferred to the water via a heat exchange module.

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