Seraphim Solar Panels

Why Seraphim Solar Panels are a Premium PanelSeraphim Solar Panels consistently perform in testing, proving to be a high quality solar panel


  • Tier 1 Solar Company
  • Rated the #1 solar panel for 2 consecutive years
  • Seraphim solar panels were the first to pass the new ‘TUV SUD Thresher‘ test
  • Seraphim Energy won the prestigious Photon International module field test
  • Industry Leading Warranties


Seraphim Performance in the Photon Test

Seraphim Solar Panels Datasheet – this includes product specifications

The Seraphim Solar Panels are the first solar panels to pass the “TUV SUD Thresher Test”.  The Thresher Test is a new standard in testing, designed to assess a solar panels life expectancy and performance.  The results have Seraphim as the number 1 performing panel for 2 years running.  This in itself is quite an achievement.

Seraphim Solar Panels are also in the top 2 percent of PV solar panels manufacturers.  These manufacturers are vertically integrated, which simply means they control each stage of the manufacturing process.  For these companies to achieve a spot in the first tier, they must:

  • Significantly invest in Research and Development
  • Use advanced robotic processes throughout the manufacturing stage
  • Have been manufacturing Solar Panels for over 5 years

Mr Robert Puto, the Overseas PV Product Department Director of TUV SUD had this to say about the Seraphim Energy:

“Aging and durability test spans a long period of time under stringent conditions.  To get a certification mark is not easy and only a couple of manufacturers dare join in the test.  We are happy to see that Seraphim is the 1st to join in the test and dares prove their products reliability with the test.”

In addition to this, the Seraphim solar panels came in as the top rated Polycrystalline panel for 2013.  Seraphim Energy has also won the Photon International module field test in regards to actual yield (kWh/kW) in 2012.


Seraphim Solar Panels are manufactured to high-quality standards by Seraphim Energy.  It is their commitment to quality assurance and solar cell technology that has resulted in their brilliant results through industry leading testing.

Thanks to the quality of the Seraphim Solar Panels, the following warranties are available:

  • 12 Year Manufacturers Warranty – the industry standard is normally around a maximum of 10 years
  • 90% Performance Warranty over 15 years – the industry standard is normally a maximum of 10 years
  • 80% Performance Warranty over 30 years – the industry standard is normally a maximum of 25 years

Further evidence as to the high quality of the Seraphim Solar Panels can be found thanks to independent results.  Seraphim Energy has been named as a top manufacturer.  This is due in large to the results with the Photon International’s annual ‘Performance and Yield Test’, where Seraphim solar panels have incredibly consistent performances.  Read the following article to find out more about their results;

Solar International Website

Seraphim Solar Panels