SMA Inverter

SMA Inverter

SMA Inverter

by Solar Technology AG – A Global Leader


A SMA Inverter allows you to effectively harness the energy of the sun.  These solar inverters convert the direct current (DC) generated by the solar panel into a grid-acceptable alternating current (AC).  Thus solar inverters form the heart of every solar energy system.

SMA Inverters are manufactured by Solar Technology AG, who are a global leader in the development, production and sales of solar inverters.  As an energy management group, SMA offers innovative key technologies for future power supply structures.

The SMA Inverter is setting benchmarks again and again when it comes to the SMA Solar Inverters provide quality and reliabilityperformance of solar inverters.  This includes a number of main areas, like;

  • leading-edge efficiencies of 98%, and
  • new technologies to ensure maximum yields and the highest user convenience. 

This is German engineering, this is German quality.  The SMA inverter continues in this great tradition of providing high yield devices with superb reliability. 

There are highly trained SMA technicians working at 90 SMA customer service centres around the world.  The great thing is that this includes a physical support presence here in Australia.  You can rest assured in the knowledge that your SMA Inverter purchase is backed by both SAE Group and by the SMA staff.



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