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JFY InvertersJFY Inverters


JFY is a leading and diversified manufacturing expert with over  12 years experience


Many of the JFY Inverter models offer:

  • High power density in a compact size
  • High speed MPPT which allows for the real time tracking of power and improved energy harvesting
  • High efficiency thanks to the transformless operation
  • High overload capability which means the JFY Inverter works up to 1650W under most ambient conditions

JFY Inverters are manufactured by the highly developed energy technology company of the same name – JFY.  This company is one of the longest operating manufacturers of solar inverters to date.  It is this industry experience that serves their customers well. Founded in 2003, JFY is a professional Inverter, Telecom Power Supply, Hybrid Power System and UPS manufacturer. As a leading supplier with best products and services, JFY always offers customers the high cost-effective products and integrated energy solutions with plentiful design and production experiences. Their products cover a wide range of Solar Inverters , UPS, Telecom Power Supply and Hybrid Power Systems, with sales into over 50 countries. Their stable operation and excellent performance have been universally recognized by users across the world.

JFY Inverter - more than 10 years industry experience

JSI series of JFY Inverters are a single phase string type grid-on inverter.  This model is well suited for the small to medium size solar power systems.  This series offers six power levels from 1500w to 6000w.  This series of JFY Inverters provides the flexible solutions to mainly suit the residential / low energy consumption project. (Datasheets available for download – scroll down)

The Suntwins series of JFY Inverters are a single phase string type grid-on inverter, again for the small to medium solar power system.  Suntwins series inverter offers dual MPPT tracking input, high efficiency, bracket install, LCD display & wireless monitoring. (Datasheets available for download – scroll down)

The JFY Inverter Suntree series is a three phase string type grid-on inverter, this is mainly for the medium sized solar power systems.  The Suntree solar inverters offer eight power levels, ranging from 5000W to 20000W. This provides the double benefit of flexible solar power system solutions with great high efficiency. (Datasheets available for download – scroll down)



seraphim datasheet pdf  Downloads for the JFY Inverter Models