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The important factors when considering solar power inverters

  • The inverter is required to transform DC power from the solar power system into AC power for the mains power in your home or business
  • Solar inverters can impact on the performance and success of your solar power system,
  • There are different types of solar power inverters to suit the different types and sizes of solar power systems. Get advice from your solar specialist.
  • Rating for solar power inverters


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So what is a Solar Power Inverter?

Solar inverters are the device that transforms electricity from the DC battery or solar panel voltage on your roof into mains type AC power.  This transformation makes the electricity provided from your solar panels suitable for use by regular appliances.  Solar power inverters are an integral part of solar power systems. Unfortunately this aspect is often overlooked.  You can have the best solar panels on the market, but if your solar power inverter is of a poor quality, overall system performance will be greatly impacted.

When it comes to the best range of solar power inverters for your home or business, we only recommend trusted brands with proven results.  At SAE Group, quality and reliability are an important core value, we pride ourselves in the selection of the highest quality products available. It is the same when it comes to our selection of Solar Power Inverters. As an inverter is an essential part of the Solar power system we install on your home or business. See below for our range of solar power inverters

Whether it’s a grid connect solar inverter you need or a small 12 volt power inverter for off-grid use; we have the range, brands and prices that are sure to impress!  If you’re not sure which of our solar inverters is the best for your requirements, our friendly team will gladly help you with expert advice.



Ratings for Solar Inverters

The ratings that you should look at when buying an inverter (depending on the type) are:

Continuous Rating: This is the amount of power you could expect to use continuously without the inverter overheating and shutting down.

Half Hour Rating: This is handy as the continuous rating may be too low to run a high energy consumption power tool or appliance, however if the appliance was only to be used occasionally then the half hour rating may well suffice.

Surge Rating: A high surge is required to start some appliances and once running they may need considerably less power to keep functioning.  The inverter must be able to hold its surge rating for at least 5 seconds.  TVs and refrigerators are examples of items that require only relatively low power once running, but require a high surge to start.

IP rating: defines the ability of the inverter seals to prevent water and dust ingress.  Although some inverter manufacturers claim high IP ratings suitable for outdoor installation, the quality and location of the seals and ventilation will greatly affect the ability of the inverter to outlast the many years solar installations are expected to work.

Peak efficiency – represents the highest efficiency that the inverter can achieve


It is for this reason that we offer the highest quality solar inverters from the following brands:


Fronius Inverter RangeFronius Inverters

– A global leader with some of the best inverters in the world and one of the first    inverter brands to be named as compatible with the Tesla Powerwall battery system



SMA Inverters - German Engineering, German QualitySMA Inverters

– German Engineering, German Quality makes Solar Technology AG is a global leader



JFY Inverters

         JFY Inverters

         – a leading and diversified manufacturing expert with 10 years experience



Aurora Inverters by ABB (formerly Power-One)   Aurora Inverters by ABB (Formerly Power-One)

   – One of the world’s largest providers of power conversion and power management      solutions



SolaX Power Inverters

     SolaX Power inverters

      – A world leader in the development, production and sale of high-quality inverters


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