GCL E-KwBe Solar Battery System

Introducing the Tesla Powerwall Competition – GCL E-KwBe Solar Battery System

GCL Solar Storage E-KwBe BatteryThe E-KwBe Solar Battery System is an intelligent energy storage system designed to power your home safely and economically. Designed and manufactured by GCL System Integration, the E-KwBe Solar Battery System allows you to optimise the use of your solar energy system, saving money on your electricity bills while reducing your carbon footprint.

GCL System Integration, is the world’s biggest provider of silicon and solar cells to the global solar industry and is not a newcomer to the solar industry. GCL believe battery storage is an essential part of the energy revolution that started with rooftop solar systems, and chose Australia for its global launch due to the high level of solar power in the country. In fact, GCL expect Australia to be among the top five markets in the world for energy storage and are prepared to take on Tesla, LG, and a host of other international and local competitors.

The batteries are splash resistant, with a IP54 rating so they are not recommended to be put in direct weather but can be installed outdoors under cover. The battery storage operates at 80% DOD (depth of discharge) with the 2.5kw/hr has 1.5kw output and the 5.6kw/hr has 3kw output.


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E-KwBE Product Features:

  • Capacity – 2.5kw or 5.6kw
  • Weight –    25kg  or 40kg
  • Maximise your self-consumption of solar power – Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity that charges E-KwBe for your home electricity load.
  • Load shifting – Bridge the gap between peak solar and peak demand, avoid paying heavy peak power charges to the electricity grid.
  • Back-up Power – Assures power in the event of an outage
  • Super Compatibility – Compatible with the main inverter solutions on the market.
  • Save the Environment – Maximize the use of free energy from the sun and lower the costly fossil fuel from the grid.

GCL Solar Storage Battery E-KwBe Colours

Recommended Inverters:

With a 7 year warranty, the E-KwBe Solar Battery Systems run at 48 volts and have been designed to work with Zeus Appollo inverters, however, they will also work well with the Sungrow Hybrid inverter. One important note is that the Zeus Appollo inverter has a 4.6kw battery output and is rated IP65 which means it can handle weather so it can be installed outside. Another benefit is that this inverter also has 5kw nominal AC output so you can install up to 33% more or 6.5kw worth of Solar PV panels on it.

The Sungrow has a 3.1kw battery output and is also IP65 rated so it can also be installed outside. With a 5kw nominal AC output like the Zeus Appollo inverter,  you can also install up to 6.5kw worth of Solar PV panels on it.

Another option is the SolaX Hybrid Inverter but only for the 2.5kw E-KwBE battery as the SolaX Hybrid Inverter only has 2.5kw battery output. With the reduced IP rating, this inverter needs to be installed inside and you can only install up to 6.118kw worth of Solar Panels due to the lower 4.6kw nominal AC output

The Technology:

The battery technology is Lithium Nickel Manganese cobalt oxide (LiNMC) which offer lower energy density, but longer battery life and inherent safety. This is the same chemistry as the Tesla Powerwall.



The Price Of Solar Battery Storage

Not Including inverters and installation, the cost of the GCL E-KwBe Solar Battery System should eneter the market at half the price of its main competitors. According to GCL System Integration they have a long history in battery storage and supply to large-scale solar farms, as well as extensive internal R&D resources and their “buying power” enable them to produce a product at a more market suitable price.



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How Does Solar Battery Storage Work?

Solar Storage Battery E-KwBe How It Works

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