The Solar Power Installation Process

Here’s how the Solar Power Installation Process Works…


1. You, the customer, make an enquiry and arrange a suitable time for one of our expert Energy Efficiency consultants to come to your home.

2. One of our Energy Efficiency consultants meets with you at your premises to complete a full on-site assessment for your solar power installation. During this assessment, along with answering all your questions, they will help you:
• establish your electrical loads over an average day
• determine the size of your solar PV system
• choose the type of panels and inverter
• establish the location of solar panels in relation to angles, available sunlight, shading and temperature

3. You will be provided with a quote. The quotes is based on how much you want to spend or finance, how much electricity you wish to offset, the physical properties of your premises (like available roof space), your current power usage and the recommended solar panels and inverter for you. You will receive an indication of what you can expect in terms of the performance of your system and the factors that may influence this.

4. You then sign two forms, one is a grid connection form and the other is the Solar Quotation/Contract with SAE Group.

5. The grid connection application form comes back from your network provider.

6. Our friendly office staff give you a call to book a suitable time for your solar power installation.

7. The solar power installation is usually completed in one day (dependant upon weather and size of system), by our fully CEC Accredited installers (see the video below).

8. Within seven to twenty days of SAE Group submitting your post-installation paperwork, your new meter is then installed. In New South Wales, the minute we receive the new meter from Essential Energy we are back to install and set it up for you. In Queensland this is controlled and installed by Energex or Ergon once they have received your post-installation paperwork.


NOW that the solar power installation is complete and fully-functioning, you can then enjoy the cost saving benefits of having solar power on your roof!solar power installation - get your free quote here

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