Commercial Air Conditioning

Get the Right Commercial Air Conditioning Solution

The Right Commercial Air Conditioning Solution Provides Optimal Temperature and Energy Efficiency

Why is getting the right commercial air conditioning so important?

  • Australia’s climate means that commercial air conditioning is a ‘must have’, not a ‘nice to have’
  • Staff productivity improves when working in an optimal temperature
  • The energy efficiency of air conditioners, means they are cheaper to run both in summer and winter – much cheaper than electric or gas heating

Finding the best commercial air conditioning system to suit your requirements is an important decision. Here at SAE Group, we work with you to provide a specifically designed solution to meet all of your requirements.


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Expert Advice with Commercial Air Conditioners

From our initial meeting right through to the expert installation of your commercial air conditioning system, you will receive the best quality products and specialist advice so your requirements are met and your operating costs are minimised. Our experienced Commercial Air Conditioning Consultants will take you through each step when it comes to selecting the right size, layout and brand of air conditioner.

Our range of quality commercial and business air conditioners will further benefit you thanks to the energy efficiency, trusted brands and expert installation. With electricity costs constantly on the rise all businesses, small to large, need to be looking for opportunities where they can minimise running expenses.

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Our Recommended Brands

Commercial Air Conditioning is like any Business investment, the bottom line is your payback period

We work to understand your needs as a business, and understand that financial viability is primarily the number one consideration of any decision making. With this in mind, our commitment as the SAE Group is to offer you, a valued customer:

  1. High quality products from respected brands
  2. Excellence in our workmanship
  3. Ongoing customer support
  4. Financial viability

It is in our best interests to provide you with a solution to the challenges that are associated with making equipment purchasing decisions. We help you to get the products that will save you money, any way we can. Read up on our Case studies, that have been freely provided by local businesses. These businesses have benefitted thanks to the thousands saved on their bottom line.


Not Every Commercial Air Conditioning Job is the Same!

Due to this, we offer a wide range of additional options, including;

  • BMS (Building Management System) Compatibility
  • Flexible Air Handing
  • Low Ambient Cooling
  • Economy Cycle
  • Third Party Control Integration

It is the experience and insights into the commercial environment that give our Air Conditioning Consultants the edge. It is this experience along with our wide range of commercial air conditioning units from trusted brands that provide you with the RIGHT solution for your business or commercial premises.

Our consultants approach each commercial air conditioning project with the understanding that it will have its own unique parameters that need to be resolved. Through this process, they will assist you with the right type and size system, from a reputable brand. They will explain the installation process, and talk you through the options available.

Commercial Air Conditioner Types and Sizes

Whether it is a block of apartments, an office, a commercial space or large warehouse, we will provide you with the solution to best suit your needs. Our commercial air conditioning range includes split systems (both wall and multi split), split ducted and ducted options. Our commercial air conditioners range in size from the 2.6kW right up to the 195kW.

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