Energy Efficiency For Your Business

Energy efficiency for your business should be a cost-saving exercise.

SAE Group are in the Energy Efficiency business, whether it is cutting electricity costs through Solar Power, Efficient Air Conditioning, Solar Batteries, Power Saving Lighting or Level 1 & Level 2 Electrical contracting work. You are in business to make money not waste your bottom line on electricity bills and power costs.

The bottom line is your payback period

With any investment, financial viability is usually the number one consideration before making any decisions.

SAE-Small-Business-SolarAt SAE Group, our commitment is to offer our customers:

  1. A high quality product
  2. Excellence in workmanship
  3. Ongoing customer support
  4. Financial viability

As a business ourselves, SAE Group are passionate about helping Australian businesses reduce their carbon footprint and saving money. Our highly trained SAE team members allow us to offer you:

  • Solar power system installation & maintenance
  • Solar batteries to take control of your energy useage
  • Solar hot water installation & maintenance
  • Air conditioning installation & maintenance for split systems, multi-systems and ducted air con.
  • Electrical services, both level 1 & level 2 accredited electricians for high voltage, overhead and underground works. This also includes property poles work.
  • Energy Efficiency work, including LED Lighting, energy assessments and solutions

We only carry trustworthy and proven brands of solar panels, solar inverters, air conditioning, SolarZone Window film and hot water systems. This unique combination of services means that SAE are able to offer you a completely tailored solution to your energy requirements. Letting you take advantage of free power from the sun where appropriate and combining it with conventional electrical solutions. Combining these services in one company means that SAE are able to offer great value for money and very competitive pricing.

Solo Recovery 99kW Solar InstallationHow to save on your businesses electricity costs using solar power

With costs for just about everything on the rise, it’s more important than ever that the energy efficiency for your business makes the most of investment opportunities and produces significant long-term savings. With solar power, you have a range of options which will produce large amounts of electricity cost savings to your business, increasing your overall business profitibility. Our specialist solar power consultants will walk you through each step to help you decide on the size, orientation and equipment which is best suited for your installation to maximise your ROI. Read More on how we can help you save money on your operating costs with Solar Power.

Become more energy efficient with the right commercial air conditioning unit

LED_LightingWith the Australian climate, Air conditioning in your business and office is a necessity not a ‘nice to have’. With the SAE Range of Commercial Air Conditioners, you have a range of options which will produce electricity cost savings, increasing your overall business profitability. We understand your needs as a business, and financial viability is essential when deciding on an energy efficient Commercial Aircon. Let our specialist Commercial Air conditioning Consultants give you a free site assessment today to start you saving money on your businesses climate control. Want to learn more about our Commercial Aircon services? Click here.

Don’t waste your bottom line on power draining lighting

Our energy efficient lighting range are highly suited to commercial applications. Commercial premises often use a high percentage (sometimes more than 50%) of their total electricity bill on lighting due to the long hours of operation each day. Depending on the hours of operation, you could be looking at a payback period of less than 1 year on our energy-efficient Edison lighting range.

Find out how much you can save today with a free lighting assessment! SAE group will work with your business to find out how much you can save by installing energy efficient Edison LED lighting solutions!

SAE Group recommends that you get a lighting assessment done if any of the following apply:

  • You have more than 20 lights in operation, being used regularly
  • You use your lights for more than 4 hours per day
  • You have halogen, dichroic “downlights” installed
  • You have 1 or more mercury vapour lamp in regular use


We are the forefront of Solar Power, Air Conditioning, Electrical and Lighting energy efficiency practices.  However, don’t just take our word for it, read about the businesses that have benefited from the savings gained thanks to SAE Group.  The list of companies below represent companies that are just like yours.

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