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Victron SmartShunt 500a/50mV


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The Victron SmartShunt 500A/50mV is a precision-engineered battery monitoring solution tailored to the specific needs of your energy system. With its high-capacity shunt and precise monitoring capabilities, it offers unparalleled insight into your battery’s performance. Utilising Bluetooth connectivity, you can effortlessly monitor and manage your system remotely through the VictronConnect app. Its compact design ensures easy integration into any setup, while configurable alarms and robust protection features guarantee the safety and longevity of your batteries.

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  1. Capacity: 500A with 50mV shunt voltage.
  2. Monitoring Precision: Real-time monitoring of battery voltage, current, and state of charge.
  3. Connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity enables remote access via the VictronConnect app.
  4. Accuracy: High-precision current measurement with minimal internal resistance.
  5. Compact Design: Space-saving form factor for versatile installation options.
  6. Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Victron Energy products for holistic energy management.
  7. Alarm Customisation: Configurable alarms for voltage, current, and temperature for enhanced safety.
  8. Protection Features: Over-voltage and under-voltage protection safeguards battery health.
  9. Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of battery types, including lead-acid and lithium.
  10. Certifications: Meets industry standards for safety and performance.
  11. Warranty: Standard warranty provided by Victron Energy for peace of mind.
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