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SunRise Mini BESS 5kW 1PH Inverter


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The SunRise Mini BESS 5kW 1PH Inverter is engineered to deliver dependable energy solutions for both residential and small commercial settings. Offering versatile storage capacities ranging from 4.1kWh to 12.3kWh, this inverter ensures optimal power supply tailored to your specific needs. Seamlessly integrating with its AC coupled system and equipped with advanced features such as auto start functionality and a 12V charger, it guarantees uninterrupted power flow even during challenging conditions. Installation is hassle-free with its plug ‘n play design, reducing complexity and saving time. With a 10-year warranty, AS4777 compliance, and IP40 indoor rating, this inverter prioritizes long-term reliability and safety. Stay informed about your system’s performance in real-time through the convenience of remote monitoring, providing you with peace of mind and efficiency.

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Key Features:

  • Inverter Capacity: 5kW
  • Storage Options: 4.1kWh, 8.2kWh, 12.3kWh
  • Coupling: AC coupled system
  • Generator Integration: Auto start feature & 12V charger
  • Installation: Plug ‘n Play
  • Warranty: 10 years (RedEarth)
  • Compliance: AS4777, IP40 indoor rated
  • Monitoring: Remote 4G Monitoring
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