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SunRise BESS 10kW 3Ph Inverter


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The SunRise BESS 10kW 3Ph Inverter comes in a variety of configurations, each paired with Pylontech batteries for seamless integration. Whether it’s the 17.75kWh, 21.3kWh, 24.85kWh, 28.4kWh, or 31.95kWh option, these variations cater to diverse residential and small commercial energy storage needs. Engineered with advanced technology, this solution ensures optimal energy management, complete with features like remote monitoring for real-time system oversight. Its wall-mounted design saves space while providing easy access for maintenance. With built-in overload and short circuit protection, safety is prioritised alongside efficiency, making it an ideal choice for dependable energy solutions.

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  • Inverter Type: SunRise BESS 10kW 3Ph
  • Battery Type: Pylontech
  • Storage Capacities: 17.75kWh, 21.3kWh, 24.85kWh, 28.4kWh, 31.95kWh
  • Installation: Wall-mounted
  • Monitoring: Remote monitoring capabilities
  • Compatibility: Compatible with grid-tie and off-grid systems
  • Protection: Overload protection, short circuit protection
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