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Sofar Solar Inverter 6kw


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The Sofar Solar Inverter 6kW is a reliable solution for residential and small commercial solar power systems. With its 6kW capacity and MPPT technology, it efficiently converts solar energy into usable electricity. The single-phase operation makes it suitable for homes and businesses with lower power demands. Its high efficiency ensures maximum energy yield from solar panels, while the LCD display provides convenient system monitoring. With multiple protection features and grid-tied functionality, the Sofar Solar Inverter offers a safe and seamless solar energy solution.

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  1. Power Output: 6kW capacity for efficient energy conversion.
  2. MPPT Technology: Maximum Power Point Tracking for optimal solar power harvesting.
  3. Single-phase Operation: Suitable for residential and small commercial applications.
  4. High Efficiency: Advanced design for maximum energy yield from solar panels.
  5. LCD Display: Clear and intuitive interface for easy monitoring of system status.
  6. Multiple Protection Features: Includes over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection.
  7. Grid-Tied Functionality: Allows for seamless integration with the utility grid.
  8. Compact Design: Space-saving form factor for easy installation.
  9. Remote Monitoring: Compatibility with monitoring platforms for remote system management.
  10. Certifications: Meets industry standards for safety and performance.
  11. Warranty: Backed by a standard warranty provided by Sofar Solar for peace of mind.
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