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RedEarth Honey Badger Add On – Fronius GEN24 5kW Inverter AC Coupled


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The RedEarth Honey Badger Add On featuring the Fronius GEN24 5kW Inverter AC Coupled is a top-tier solution for enhancing your solar energy system. This advanced inverter is designed for seamless integration with RedEarth energy storage systems, providing high efficiency and reliable performance. The AC Coupled configuration allows for flexible and scalable energy solutions, ensuring that your home or business can maximise solar energy utilisation. The Fronius GEN24 boasts an active cooling system, integrated system monitoring, and remote access capabilities, making it a robust and user-friendly choice. Experience uninterrupted power supply and smart energy management with this premium inverter add-on.

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  • Inverter Type: Fronius GEN24 5kW
  • Coupling Type: AC Coupled
  • System Compatibility: RedEarth Honey Badger
  • Output Power: 5kW
  • Efficiency: High efficiency with advanced energy management
  • Battery Compatibility: Compatible with RedEarth energy storage systems
  • Monitoring: Integrated system monitoring and remote access
  • Cooling: Active cooling system for optimal performance
  • Warranty: Standard manufacturer warranty
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