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Honey Badger 5kW Inverter, 1 x 250/100 MPPT and RedEarth Troppo


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The Honey Badger 5kW Inverter, paired with the versatile RedEarth Troppo battery, offers a comprehensive energy solution. Designed for seamless integration, this system ensures efficient energy conversion and storage. The RedEarth Troppo battery, available in various capacities, provides reliable power backup tailored to your specific needs. Whether for residential or commercial use, this combination delivers optimal performance and flexibility. With advanced features like high efficiency and multiple communication options, it’s the ideal choice for modern energy management.

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  • Inverter: Honey Badger 5kW Inverter
    • Continuous Power Output: 5kW
  • MPPT: 1 x 250/100 MPPT
  • Battery: RedEarth Troppo
    • Battery Chemistry: Lithium-ion
  • Battery Capacities: 12.3kWh, 16.4kWh, 20.5kWh, 24.6kWh, 28.7kWh, 32.8kWh
  • Inverter Efficiency: Greater than 95%
  • MPPT Efficiency: Greater than 99.5%
  • Nominal Voltage: 48V DC
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 50°C
  • Communication: RS485, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
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