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DropBear – 7.5kW Selectronic SP PRO, 1x Fronius 8.2kW SCERT Primo & Troppo (Expandable Up to 57.4kWh)


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Experience unmatched energy independence and reliability with the DropBear Off-Grid/Hybrid Energy System. Engineered for both off-grid and hybrid applications, this single-phase system integrates advanced technology to deliver consistent and efficient power tailored to your needs. The system includes a 7.5kW Selectronic SP PRO inverter known for its robust performance, and a high-efficiency 8.2kW Fronius SCERT Primo PV inverter certified by Selectronic. Troppo batteries provide scalable storage solutions ranging from 16.4kWh to 57.4kWh, offering flexibility to meet diverse energy requirements.

Whether for residential or small commercial use, the DropBear system supports versatile single-phase configurations, catering to various energy demands. Advanced features include an AC Coupled System for seamless integration, Auto Generator Start for uninterrupted power, and a 12V Generator Battery Charger to keep the generator battery ready for use. The system’s Plug ‘n Play installation simplifies setup and reduces installation time, while RedEarth Remote 4G Monitoring allows for real-time performance tracking. With a 10-year warranty backed by RedEarth, IP40 indoor rating, and AS4777 compliance, the DropBear system ensures long-term reliability, safety, and compatibility.

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Key Features:

  • Inverter: 7.5kW Selectronic SP PRO
  • PV Inverter: 1x Fronius 8.2kW SCERT Primo
  • Battery Storage Options: Troppo batteries with capacities ranging from 16.4kWh to 57.4kWh
  • Configurations: Single-phase
  • Coupling: AC coupled system for seamless integration
  • Generator Integration: Auto Generator Start feature and 12V Generator battery charger
  • Installation: Plug ‘n Play for easy setup
  • Warranty: 10-year warranty provided by RedEarth
  • Environmental Rating: IP40 indoor rated for protection against solid objects
  • Compliance: AS4777 compliant for grid connection
  • Monitoring: RedEarth Remote 4G Monitoring for real-time performance tracking

Battery Storage Options:

  • 16.4kWh
  • 20.5kWh
  • 24.6kWh
  • 28.7kWh
  • 32.8kWh
  • 36.9kWh
  • 41kWh
  • 45.1kWh
  • 49.2kWh
  • 53.3kWh
  • 57.4kWh

System Specifications:

  • Inverter Capacity: 7.5kW
  • PV Inverter Capacity: 8.2kW
  • Configuration Options: Single-phase
  • Generator Start: Automatic
  • Battery Charger: 12V
  • Installation Type: Plug ‘n Play
  • Warranty: 10 years (RedEarth)
  • Protection Rating: IP40 (indoor)
  • Standards Compliance: AS4777 for grid connection
  • Remote Monitoring: RedEarth Remote 4G Monitoring


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