Partner Rewards Program Thank You

SAE solar partner rewards programTHANK YOU for signing up to our Partner Rewards Program & CONGRATULATIONS on taking the step towards helping others save on their energy requirements while reducing the carbon footprint! SAE Group Solar Partner Rewards Program is simply the best passive income program there is and we are glad to have you on board.

There is also no limit to the number of introductions or recommendations you can make and the money you can earn. We will notify you of the size of the Solar Power System that is being installed from your recommendation and the value of your Partner Reward. You can then invoice us for the Partner Reward amount as listed and nominate your preferred payment details on the invoice including the referred individuals name and their contact details.

Please remember the Partner Rewards are payable upon the referred customer paying their final balance (upon installation) and the funds clearing in the SAE Group accounts. You are also free to share the Partner Reward with the person you referred if you choose to do so.

As SAE Group are in the Energy Efficiency business, reducing the carbon footprint and saving our clients money is our goal. Whether it is cutting electricity costs through Solar Power, Efficient Air Conditioning, Window Tinting, Power Saving Lighting or Level 1 & Level 2 Electrical contracting work. Our highly trained SAE team members enable us to offer you:

  • Solar power system installation & maintenance
  • Solar hot water installation & maintenance
  • Air conditioning installation & maintenance for split systems, multi-systems and ducted air con.
  • Window Tinting for both commercial buildings and residential homes
  • Electrical services, both level 1 & level 2 accredited electricians for high voltage, overhead and underground works. This also includes property poles work.
  • Energy Efficiency work, including LED Lighting, energy assessments and solutions

We only carry trustworthy and proven brands of solar panels, solar inverters, air conditioning, SolarZone Window film and hot water systems. This unique combination of services means that SAE are able to offer you a completely tailored solution to your energy requirements. Letting you take advantage of free power from the sun where appropriate and combining it with conventional electrical solutions. Combining these services in one company means that SAE are able to offer great value for money and very competitive pricing.

In the meantime, Click Here to keep reading on our Energy Efficient Services & Range to see how we can best assist you.