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Solar Power in Brisbane – Best Quote!

Solar Power in Brisbane is on the Rise!  Electricity prices are increasing at between 15-20% per annum.  This will see your electricity bill double in the next 5 years.  While government incentives are still in place for the purchase & installation.  There has never been a better time to invest in a Solar Power System!

  • Fact: The RET Review 2014 is about to remove the existing solar rebates increasing solar power installation costs by 40%.
  • Fact: A so-called “closed to new entrants scenario” is to be established in which existing contracts only would be honoured.
  • Fact: You can protect yourself against the loss of this rebate by simply signing a contract, paying as little as $1.00 and fitting your system later.

ATTN: Queenslanders: Energex will start charging for changes to meter installs from 1 August, 2015! This includes solar metering, and will start from $270.00 or more. To avoid these charges, call us today – 1300 182 050

Solar power in Brisbane is a very competitive industry – which is good for you!  However, there are a few things you should expect from the companies providing you with quotes.  First of all, when someone is offering to provide you a quote on Solar Brisbane, they should arrange a suitable time to come around and inspect the property.  They will need to consider roof space, the current electricity board, and your current electricity usage.  This provides the energy consultant with the correct information to give you a fair quote.  If people only want to quote over the phone, that should raise a red flag.

Choosing the right panels is another vital aspect to finding the best solar power in Brisbane.  Many sales people will try and win you over with talk about ‘Tier 1’, ‘Tier 2’ and ‘Tier 3’ panels – however, the Tiers only relate to the quality and performance of the manufacturer – not the actual panels.  In fact, one of the very best panels available is by Seraphim, though it is a Tier 2 panel, it has proven the best performing panel through independent Photon testing and the like. Industry “jargon” can just confuse things, ask your energy consultant to clarify anything that you are unsure of.

When it comes to solar power in Brisbane, as you can see, dealing with reputable companies is an important factor when it comes to your investment.  There are a few small start-ups and ‘cowboys’ that are relying on jargon and cheaply priced, inferior products to get your money, with no care for your investment or safety.  Always deal with a company that has a good history, good customer feedback and answers your questions about solar in Brisbane.

To date, we have installed solar power in Brisbane to thousands of homes, as well as businesses and commercial venues.  This includes the various types of solar in Brisbane including small grid-connected systems, hybrid systems and off-grid solar power systems and larger commercial solar power systems. Call us now to make sure your Solar investment is with a reputable company who you know will be around in years to come to maintain your system. Our SAE Group promise to you, ensures we will:

  • Help you select the right Residential Solar System to suit your needs (1-10 kW)
  • Provide top quality installation & service
  • Offer annual maintenance to keep you saving money
  • Save your bottom line with a Commercial System right for your business (10-100 kW)

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