Enjoy Hot Water All Year Round with Envirosun Solar Hot Water

Get $200 off your Solar Hot Water installation and Save anywhere between 50-90% on your energy bills.

Envirosun Solar Hot Water Shower

Save $200 off your installation with Envirosun Solar Hot Water & SAE Group

A solar hot water system is not just a responsible purchase for the environment;   it has real and practical benefits for you the consumer/homeowner. Studies over the years have shown that homeowners and businesses who have installed solar hot water systems have been delighted with their investment. We are sure that you will be too!

Personal benefits of a Envirosun solar hot water system include:

  • Monthly savings on your energy bills – Studies estimate that hot water accounts for 15-30% of the average homeowner’s energy costs. What other home improvement pays for itself and keeps paying you for 20, 30 even 40 years?
  • Increased value of your home – Studies have determined that people are willing to pay more for homes with solar hot water systems.
  • Increased hot water – Envirosun systems use vitreous enamel hot water tanks to maximise the amount of heat captured from the sun. You get twice as much hot water.
  • Own your energy instead of renting it from the power company.
  • Get $200 off the cost when you install a Envirosun Solar Hot Water System
Envirosun Split Solar Hot Water System
Envirosun Split Solar Hot Water System – Click the image for more product Information
Envirosun TS Solar Hot Water System – Click the image for more product Information

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