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SAE Group is a certified provider under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (A NSW government rebate program to help NSW businesses save energy). If you think that your business could save energy with more efficient lights then contact us now for a FREE energy assessment for a limited time only.

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Are there any requirements to gaining benefits through the ESS?


In order to benefit from the NSW government Energy Savings Scheme you must:

  • Be a NSW registered business with a valid ABN
  • Be able to make eligible energy savings as are covered by the ESS
  • If installing new lights, you must have IPART approved lights to be installed – SAE Group takes care of this for you.
  • Your operating hours may determine your amount of eligibility – you may need to provide proof of operating hours to gain your financial benefit.


What types of things can I save energy on through the NSW government ESS?


The NSW government offers incentives for businesses wanting to cut back on energy costs with more efficient IPART approved lights

SAE Group have a number of energy efficient lighting solutions which have been approved for use under the Energy Savings Scheme. Contact us now to find out how much you could be saving.

To find out exactly what is included in the scheme, please visit the ESS website.

What happens when SAE Group does an energy assessment for my business?


Step 1. Contact SAE Group to arrange a suitable time for the assessment (takes 45 min – 1 hour).

Step 2. One of our consultants will come and assess your business premises to point out where the most savings can be made. We will also analyse your electricity bill to give us a better idea of your energy savings potential.

Step 3. Our consultant will make suitable recommendations for your business on how you can proceed to start making savings and will advise you of the costs (if any) that you need to outlay.

Step 4. Our consultant will help you to fill out all the associated paperwork to ensure you get any NSW government rebates you are entitled to under the ESS.

Step 5. Our qualified master electricians install your new arrangement of energy efficient products.

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