Stand-By Eliminators

Stand-By Eliminators and Their Benefits!

SAE Group are committed to offer the highest quality energy efficiency products at the lowest possible cost. SAE Group offer stand-by eliminators at extremely low prices to help YOU maximise your power savings.

Watts Clever Easy Off Energy Efficient Remote Control and Sockets, Stand-By Eliminator

stand by eliminators by watts clever

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Easy-Off remote control sockets are a simple way of ensuring that you turn off your appliances and equipment. No more excuses about not been able to reach behind the TV or under the sideboard.

Simply use the Stand-By Eliminator remote control unit to turn off any appliances or equipment that you have connected to the assigned Easy-Off socket. You can control a number of sockets from a single remote control, all together, or from separate buttons. The socket and remote control do not have to be in sight of each other as the product works with radio frequency, so it will work through walls and ceilings.

The Stand-By Eliminator can be used with an existing power strip to control several items of equipment at one time. It is an ideal product to control many pieces of equipment from a single source.


Stand-By Eliminator Features Include:

  • 1 remote control and 3 sockets
  • Power rating 10amps, 240 volts
  • 2,400 watts maximum load
  • Transmission frequency 433.93MHz
  • 12 Volt battery in transmitter (included)
  • Manual on/off button
  • Power on indicator light
  • 20 Metre range between the transmitter and receiver in a straight line
  • Multi channel assignment for each socket
  • Less than 1 watt power consumption in standby mode
  • Independent operation of the nightlight socket
  • Up to 1,000,000 random codes
  • Can be safely used with existing power boards (up to the maximum load)
  • Additional sockets can be added later
  • 3 channel buttons (more than 1 socket can be controlled by each button)
  • Works thorugh walls and ceilings