Power Factor Correction

How Power Factor Correction Benefits Commercial/Industrial:

SAE Group are committed to offer the highest quality energy efficiency products at the lowest possible cost.

SAE Group provide power factor correction options for large customers wanting to reduce their energy demand charges. This form of energy optimisation is particularly suitable for industrial applications where large starting currents are required, which may bring the power factor of their supply to an undesirable level. The savings made through the implementation of power factor correction (pfc) units is limited to kVA demand charges. If you do not get charged for kVA or “demand” then correcting your power factor will not influence how much you pay for electricity. To find out if you could benefit from power factor correction, contact us.

Power Factor Correction Diagram (Sourced from NHP)

power factor correction diagram

A poor power factor basically means that the consumer pays more for every kWh they use because some of the power is wasted and does not match the needs of the load correctly.

pfc unit

The power factor correction unit shown above is a typical example of the application of power factor to utilise power more efficiently. Installation can be handled by SAE Group and you will start making electricity demand savings immediately after install is complete.

What is Power Factor?

Power factor is the cosine of the angle between real and apparent power. It is essentially a measure of efficiency in terms of how power is delivered to a load.

If the power factor is 1, that means the angle is zero and kW (real power) = kVA (apparent power) and this implies 100% efficiency because 100% of the power which is delivered is being used.

If the power factor is less than 1, say 0.75, this implies 75% efficiency as only 75% of the apparent power which is delivered is being used.