LED Lighting and LED Light Colours

LED Light Colours

LED lighting is available in a vast number of colours. You may have noticed this in various electronic appliances. However for households, LED Light Colours come in three major types;

  • Warm white (3000K)
  • Neutral white (4000K) and
  • Cool white (6000K).

The ‘K’ seen in the above figures refers to Kelvin, which is the unit of measure of the colour temperature of the light source.

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Each of the LED Light Colours has a specific environment where they excel.


Warm White

‘Warm White’ is the most commonly used of the LED light colours for household lighting. This is mainly due to the fact that it is very pleasant to the eye.  This LED Lighting mimics the colour of the more traditional halogen globe. It adds a very homely feel to the atmosphere, which is why it is used in many display houses today.

Neutral White

‘Neutral White’ in LED light colours is mainly used in business and commercial venues.  It presents a bright and professional feel to the office environment. This LED lighting ‘Neutral White’ provides good visibility for writing and reading.  It is very similar to natural daylight, which assists in increasing productivity and alertness.

Cool White

LED Light Colours explained according to their Kelvin measurement

LED Light Colours explained according to their Kelvin measurement

The ‘Cool White’ LED light colours emit a vibrant, bluish-white colour.  This particular style of LED lighting is commonly used to enhance ornaments and products in stores. When this ‘Cool White’ LED lighting is focused on a particular item, it adds a sparkle, making it stand out to the human eye.


SAE Group is a prefered installer for Edison Lighting. We carry their range of LED Light Colours

SAE Group is a preferred installer for Edison Lighting. We carry their complete range of LED Light Colours.