Free Lighting Assessment

Free Lighting Assessment – See Where You Can Save!

SAE Group are currently offering a FREE lighting assessment for businesses valued at $349.00.



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Got questions about our lighting assessment?

Who needs a lighting assessment?

Commercial premises often use a much higher percentage of their total power bill on lighting. It can often be more than 50% when compared to domestic power useage.  This is due to the long hours of operation each day.

SAE Group recommends that if any of the following apply, contact us for a free lighting assessment:

  • You have more than 20 lights in operation, being used regularly
  • You use your lights for more than 4 hours per day
  • You have halogen, dichroic “downlights” installed
  • You have 1 or more mercury vapour lamp in regular use
  • You are building and would like assistance with the lighting design

Why get a FREE lighting assessment?

Our professional, energy efficiency experts will assess your current lighting design and arrangement.  This allows us to identify where you could save on energy and lamp replacement costs based on your unique situation. This will save you money, up to thousands of dollars each year. The amount of success depends upon the type of bulbs and usage patterns of your current lighting design, and of course your electricity rate.

What’s involved in a FREE lighting assessment?

One of our energy efficiency experts will complete a non-invasive walk-through of your business or commercial venue.  They will count the number of lights, identifying each light type and how much energy it uses. Often, even “energy-saving” bulbs can be poor performers when compared to current lighting technologies available. They will ask you about your lighting design, light usage (hours of operation). From this information, we will be able to determine the best solution to maximise your energy savings.

We are a preferred installer for the lighting solutions provided by Edison Lighting

SAE Group is a preferred installer for Edison Lighting. Contact us today for Your Free Lighting Assessment

SAE Group is a preferred installer for Edison Lighting. Contact us today for Your Free Lighting Assessment