7 Ways To Reduce Your Power Bill

With rising power prices, it’s more important than ever to reduce your power bill to save you, and the environment.

  1. Turn Off Stand-By Equipment – Energy experts estimate that stand-by power makes up around 6-8% of an average home electricity bill. Something as simple as turning off the power at the wall can save you money each quarter. If your power points are in an awkward position or you want to make it easier to switch off your devices, buy a Stand-By-Eliminator from SAE Group.
  • Open The Windows – The simplest things are always the best to reduce energy usage. If you need to cool-down, opening the windows can let a lot of trapped heat dissipate quickly and easily which will reduce the demand on your air conditioning and fan costs.
  • Set Your Air Conditioning Unit To 24°- If you have air conditioning, every degree you change the setting can save you around 5% of the total consumption of the unit.
  • Insulate Your Home – Insulation acts to both keep warm air in (during winter) and keep heat out (during summer) and the investment you make on insulation is a great way to save on energy costs without any ongoing costs.
  • Replace Your Lights – If you have halogen downlights installed in your home, or even if you have “energy efficient” Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs), you can make considerable savings by switching to LED. Talk to SAE about our highly efficient and high performance Edison Lighting range of energy efficient lights.
  • Install Solar Power – Solar power is always going to be a viable investment option for people who want to save on energy costs. The panels SAE Group offer come with a 25 year performance warranty which means that you will make savings for a long time after your installation occurs.
  • Switch Electricity Providers – Many electricity retailers offer incentives for customers to switch. This can save you hundreds of dollars each year, just for making one phone call.