Energy Savings At SAE Group

Energy Savings and Our Energy Efficient Technologies




What do we offer?

SAE group offer state of the art energy savings solutions with applications ranging from the smallest domestic, residential solutions up to the largest commercial and industrial applications. We were one of the leading participants in the NSW Energy Savings Scheme and have a range of IPART approved lighting products with exceptional performance to meet the most demanding lighting specifications while minimising total power consumption.

We offer a tailored energy savings solution package to all of our customers big or small, and will do our best to source available grants in your region applicable to your home and business.


3 Step Process

At SAE Group we always aim to ensure that the customer understands exactly what they are getting as well as the benefits and possible pitfalls of any project we undertake. These are the 3 basic steps to getting the energy in your business running more efficiently and saving you money:

Energy Savings in 3 Easy Steps thanks to SAE Group