Why Use SAE Group?

Reasons You Should Use SAE Group:

It makes sense to use SAE Group as your “one-stop-shop” for everything electrical, . From the power station design and construction to the power point in your home, SAE Group can tackle any electrical works.

As we are fully licensed and experienced in all types of electrical works, you can use SAE Group for:

  • All residential electrical work
  • Disconnection and reconnection
  • Underground service lines
  • Overhead services mains
  • Metering and energising
  • Private poles

If you have anything electrical that needs design, installation or construction, use SAE Group to get the job expertly completed. Our engineers work cohesively in the field with our installation specialists to ensure a top-quality end-result is achieved at every electrical job performed by SAE Group.

Use SAE Group, accredited by the CEC and Master Electricians

In addition to this, for quality workmanship, use SAE Group for all Solar and Air Conditioning work. Everything from Residential through to business and large commercial projects.