Clean Energy Investment Tops $476bn Globally In 2015

Clean energy investment in Africa, China, Latin America, India and the US surged throughout 2015, driving world wide expenditure to 476.34 billion Australian dollars, its highest ever figure. Despite influences that might have been expected to restrain growth in 2015, just released Bloomberg New Energy Finance figures show dollar investment nearly six times its 2004 total […]

Strong Renewable Energy Support From Conservative Voters

A survey conducted by ReachTEL in December 2015 reveals there is strong renewable energy support across voters of all political leanings. According to the survey, of thousands of residents across the federal electorates of New England, Page, Warringah and Dickson, just 14% to 18% opposed a renewables energy powered Australia. Moreover 72-77% of voters polled […]

First Community-Owned Renewable Energy Retailer To Open in Byron Bay

Australia’s first community-owned renewable energy retailer, Enova, is about to open its doors in Northern New South Wales after raising $3.8 million from 1,090 investors. “Enova’s retail licence was dependent upon reaching a minimum subscription level of 3 million but by December 15 they had reached $3.2 million. Seventy-five per cent of the voting shares […]

Solar-Powered Handheld Concept Produces Cool Drinking Water

Visionary, inventor, and climate artist Ap Verheggen, famous for his “SunGlacier” concept (a solar-powered leaf that produces water in the desert) is still on cutting-edge of solar thought with he’s latest solar-powered handheld concept – the WaterDrop. The conceptual design, a handheld solar-powered device that allows people to collect solar heat during the day and […]

Off Grid Solar For Price of Tractor – QLD Farmer Quits Crippling Grid Costs

To beat soaring electricity prices from their state owned electricity provider – Ergon Energy, Queensland sugar cane growing family has decided to go off grid solar for it’s energy needs. The Griffin Family from Bundaberg are currently laying the concrete ground work on their 80 hectare cane farm for a ground-mounted solar power system. Which […]

Off Grid Solar

Renewable Energy Target Exceeded by A Decade In South Australia

South Australia is set to pass its 50 per cent renewable energy target next year due to solar and wind, exceeding targets by nearly a decade. The state is now setting a path towards 100 per cent renewable energy. South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill said during “Compact of States and Regions” talks on Monday, his state […]

Thresher Test – What is it and why is it an important consideration

The Thresher Test is designed to put solar panels through their paces, providing detailed information on the long-term safety and power output performance of PV modules. The thresher test exceeds the standard IEC61730 and IEC61215 test certification (more info on this test below) by two to four times the accelerated test durations and helps identify […]

Thresher Test