Energy Efficiency

Greens Call for Solars Panels on All Council Buildings

A proposed plan being launched today by the Australian Greens would see all council facilities and infrastructure across Australia installed with rooftop solar panels. The eco friendly initiative hopes to cut council expenditure on power bills and thus save ratepayers money. Under the Greens plan, solar companies would be allowed to install solar panels on […]

Seraphim Awarded Prestigious Tier 1 Classification

Seraphim Solar has received the most prestigious, and most coveted Tier 1 classification in Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance’s latest PV Market Outlook. A privilege only a small percentage of solar panel manufactures have been able to achieve to date. The unique tiering system for global PV module makers was independently developed by Bloomberg and is […]

Off Grid Solar Helping To Light Africa Into The future

Off Grid Solar power has emerged as a true solution to the rural electrification challenge of Africa and is now the cheapest source of electricity for more than one-third of it’s population; a figure that will continue to rise as solar prices plummet. According to recent reports published, rural African families with a single solar […]

SMA Details New Powerwall-Friendly Storage Inverter

SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) has released initial details of it’s new Sunny Boy Storage, a high-voltage battery inverter said to be compatible with Tesla Powerwall. According to SMA, the Sunny Boy Storage offers an AC-coupled system for high-voltage batteries, meaning it can be integrated into an existing PV installation without removing components of the […]

Clean Energy Investment Tops $476bn Globally In 2015

Clean energy investment in Africa, China, Latin America, India and the US surged throughout 2015, driving world wide expenditure to 476.34 billion Australian dollars, its highest ever figure. Despite influences that might have been expected to restrain growth in 2015, just released Bloomberg New Energy Finance figures show dollar investment nearly six times its 2004 total […]

Strong Renewable Energy Support From Conservative Voters

A survey conducted by ReachTEL in December 2015 reveals there is strong renewable energy support across voters of all political leanings. According to the survey, of thousands of residents across the federal electorates of New England, Page, Warringah and Dickson, just 14% to 18% opposed a renewables energy powered Australia. Moreover 72-77% of voters polled […]