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Electricity Safety After Severe Storms & Flooding

The beginning of April saw Queensland having to survive severe storms & flooding from Cyclone Debbie. SAE Group have always been proud to be a part of the Northern NSW Community. In the aftermath of cyclone Debbie, we have seen the devastation in our own backyard with Northern New South Wales being one of the hardest […]

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Off Grid Solar Helping To Light Africa Into The future

Off Grid Solar power has emerged as a true solution to the rural electrification challenge of Africa and is now the cheapest source of electricity for more than one-third of it’s population; a figure that will continue to rise as solar prices plummet. According to recent reports published, rural African families with a single solar […]

Paris Climate Agreement – Solar Plays Key Role

Paris Climate Agreement was sealed amid wild applause and emotional scenes on Saturday after two weeks of intense negotiations between 196 countries. The final text secures a binding agreement from both developed and developing countries to keep temperature increases ‘well below’ 2°C, it also calls for efforts to cap the increase at just 1.5°C over […]