Fujitsu Free Money Promo Ends Soon

Fujitsu Free Money Promo in its Final Weeks Did you know: Warming your home with a Fujitsu Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner is cheaper than using an electric heater or gas heating Fujitsu Air offers a 5year full parts and labour warranty Right now the Fujitsu Free Money promo is running, where you can receive a […]


Business Lighting Solutions

Business Lighting Solutions

How Business Lighting Solutions Can Help Your Business When it comes to business lighting, there are a number of factors you should consider;   The role of ambiance in your business – what Light colour will benefit the atmosphere?   The practical function and maintenance required for lighting specific areas   The real savings that […]

Is Solar Electricity Worth Getting?

Is Solar Electricity Worth Getting? Weighing Up the Pros and Cons of Solar Electricity   The Pros The Federal Government is still offering installation incentives that can save you up to 40% State Governments still have solar electricity tariffs available Solar Electricity has shown to improve the value of a home You Save on your […]

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Fujitsu Air Free Money Promo Ends Soon!

Fujitsu Air’s “Free Money Promo” Ends 31st July August! ATTN: Fujitsu has announced they are extending this promotion until 31 August, 2015! Stock is limited so don’t miss out. To get your air conditioning organised before summer, call us today – 1300 182 050 • Air conditioners to make any room in your home comfortable with great […]

‘100 Go Solar’ A Great New Solar Energy Campaign

100 Go Solar has recently launched! This campaign has been primarily designed to encourage businesses to install solar energy.  ‘100 Go Solar‘ is the brighter business challenge.  It encourages businesses to consider the benefits of solar energy, including; Solar energy is being produced during business hours It greatly reduces a primary expense, in turn saving you money […]


How Solar Energy Saved Businesses $64 Million

Solar Energy Creates Huge Business Savings “More than 15,000 businesses have now installed a solar power system, helping them save a collective $64 million on the power bills every year” – stated Mr Thornton, the Clean Energy Council’s Chief Executive. The Clean Energy Council has just released their Clean Energy Australia Report 2014. This is […]

Standing Up for Solar Power

More than 1.3 million Aussie homes are benefiting from solar power. Solar power is the most recognised and utilised renewable energy available to households today.  However, it’s not all “sunshine” (pun absolutely intended…)!  The larger energy companies, the federal and some state governments allegedly favour coal stations and other fossil fuels. For this reason, we […]

Warning: You’re Losing Money Thanks to Gas Emissions

Australian Taxpayer Dollars Being Used to Subsidise Coal-Fired Power Plants! A new analysis has proven huge gas emissions by coal-fired power plants, and urges Australia to shut them down. Following this analysis, the Australian government is being implored to adopt regulations similar to those in place in America. Even after these findings, the government still […]

gas emissions from a coal-fired powerplant