Gree Air Conditioners

Gree Air Conditioners believe living efficiently shouldn’t cost you or the environment.

GREE Air conditioners have held the No 1 residential air conditioning global sales position since 2005, with more than 200 million users of residential air-conditioners globally. With numbers like this we believe it is a quality you can trust.

Why SAE Group recommends Gree Air Conditioning units:

  • Latest technology coupled with intensive R&D,
  • Gree’s commitment to environmental sustainability with less energy consumption and a commitment to ongoing energy efficiency
  • ONE IN THREE IS GREE – one of every three air conditioners in the world is made by Gree. More customers trust Gree than any other HVAC manufacturer in the world.
  • Cost effective products that are also top quality
  • Proven Quality with unparalleled testing, expansive vertical integration, and innovative manufacturing ensure superior products that simply work.
  • Extensive 5 to 7 years warranties

When it comes to controlling your environment the Cozy range of air conditioners are powerful enough to keep you comfortable all year round. Gree Cozy inverters can offer operating efficiencies as high as 3.72 kilowatts output for every kilowatt of electricity used. This makes the Gree Cozy inverter the perfect starter model to cost effectively heat or cool your home or office.

The Benefits of a Gree Cozy Airconditioner:


  • Intelligent Defrosting
  • Cold Air Prevention
  • Mould and Odour Prevention
  • Wide Temperature Operation – from -15 to +45 deg C
  • Sleep Mode gently raises or lowers temperature automatically
  • Turbo Mode designed to run the unit at super high fan speed to cool or heat the room quickly
  • Intelligent Air Flow

Gree air conditioning units use innovation to design more eco-friendly air conditioners and every year commit 3% of their budget to R&D making them a pioneer in the air conditioning industry. Download their product brochures here, then contact our Air Con Specialist for a personalised Quote!

Gree Cozy Range Brochure

If you are looking to make your home or office more comfortable, call us today and arrange your FREE quote to get a Gree air conditioner and SAE Group expert installation

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