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Daikin Air Conditioners Expertly Installed by SAE Group

Make your home as comfortable as possible every day of the year, by installing a Daikin Air Conditioner

Air Conditioners. There are many reasons Daikin are a great choice, here are just a few:

  • Split System, Multi Split and Ducted Air Conditioning models available
  • Daikin is known for its quality and durability
  • Daikin air conditioner systems are one of the more quiet and Energy Efficient brands available

The range of Daikin air conditioner split systems offer cooling only or reverse cycle models (reverse cycle allows you to set it to either Heating or Cooling modes).  This allows you to enjoy the most used spaces in your home, in absolute comfort, and with the reverse cycle models that comfort can be enjoyed all year round. Worried about the DAIKIN-sensitive-smart-choicehealth effects of air-conditioning? Daikin have developed a split system air conditioning system that has received the approval of the National Asthma Council Australia’s ‘Sensitive Choice’ program – this Daikin Split System air conditioner is the only system that carries the blue butterfly icon.

The Daikin range of Ducted Air Conditioning takes that comfort one step further and spreads it throughout your home, keeping the perfect temperature at all times. Proudly Australian? All Daikin air conditioners are made here in Australia (except the FDXS series) so are designed for the Aussie climate. Only quality Daikin components are used in the ducted air conditioning systems to ensure a superior and reliable result.

In addition to all of this, Daikin air conditioning provides great energy efficiency. The ducted air con is such that it intelligently adjusts the power usage to meet your comfort needs. Daikin believes that energy efficiency is important, and due to this, advanced inverter technology is employed to provide you with one of the best options when it comes to cooling and heating your home.  It is this clever thinking and design that makes Daikin air conditioners one of the most trusted names in Australia.

If you are looking to make home all the more comfortable, call us today and arrange your FREE quote to get a Daikin air conditioner and expert installation.

To learn more about our Daikin range of Air Conditioners click on the brochures below:

Daikin Split Systems Brochure for SAE Group

Daikin Ducted Systems Brochure for SAE Group