Fujitsu Free Money Air Con Promotion



Fujitsu Air Con is the cost effective way for you to remain comfortable all year round!

Thanks to Fujitsu Air Con, you will remain in comfort throughout the extreme Australian summer and freezing winter.  Regardless of the electricity price rises, Fujitsu air con appliances are energy efficient, cheaper than a gas heater in winter.  Fujitsu focus their research on energy efficiency and are committed to producing the most efficient, well designed Air Conditioners to reduce the impact on the environment and your wallet.

Add to this the Fujitsu Free Money Promotion and you are really saving!  Receive a free Fujitsu pre-paid Visa card via redemption directly from Fujitsu Air Con when you purchase any of the eligible reverse cycle inverter split system, inverter multi or ducted air conditioner from the SAE Group.

*Conditions apply. Please ensure you are familiar with the full terms and conditions before purchasing an eligible reverse cycle inverter split system, inverter multi or ducted air conditioner. Contact us now for a complete list of eligible Fujitsu reverse cycle systems or download a list directly from Fujitsu air con by clicking here.


Fujitsu Cards Winter 2017 cash back offer








For a full list of eligible products and the relevant value of prepaid Visa card, please click here. This is a winter promotion and as such excludes all cool only systems.

How to Claim

  1. Purchase an eligible Fujitsu air con reverse cycle system from SAE Group between 01/03/2017 and 31/07/2017
  2. Go to the Fujitsu website to register your details & click the claim button to print out your claim form
  3. Complete your claim form & attach a scanned copy of your proof of purchase (a valid tax invoice and transaction receipt)
  4. Submit your claim online by 30/08/2017
  5. Once a valid entry is received, approved & processed, Fujitsu will send out your Pre-Paid Visa by post.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email from Fujitsu, followed by your Pre-Paid Visa card sent in the post including a user guide informing you how to activate and use the Fujitsu pre-paid Visa card




Claims close 11.59pm AEST 30/08/2017. Retain original proof of purchase documents for verification. If you wish you check the status of your online claim click here.