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Congratulations on deciding to keep your cool this Christmas. Please select the Split System Air Conditioning SYstem you would like to purchase and our team will be in touch shortly to arrange delivery.

We offer a range of Air Conditioning services to cool your home effectively, supplying you with the best system for your needs. Should you need your system installed, SAE only provide professional licensed installers who work to legally mandated standards. This means we are licensed technicians, and have the ARC tick of approval (go to www.lookforthetick.com.au for more information).



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Still got questions and can’t wait for us to call? Give us a call now: 1300 18 20 50

SAE Professional installations ensure that:

  • Your system is installed securely and in the right location.
  • There is no damage to the system from improper handling or wiring.
  • You will get the most out of your system; it will operate safely and efficiently.
  • Your warranty will be valid. In most cases, a product’s warranty is dependent on the unit being installed by a licensed technician, so make sure you look for the tick. Your installer should provide you with a compliance certificate for any future warranty claim.
  • As a professional installer, we can also help you design the right system for your home, and advise you on which system is best for you.

From the moment you hit “submit”, our staff are working hard to address your particular needs. This means giving you the best the option to start saving money which is completely obligation-free.

As SAE Group are in the Energy Efficiency business, reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money is our goal. Whether it is cutting electricity costs through Solar Power, Efficient Air Conditioning, Window Tinting, Power Saving Lighting or Level 1 & Level 2 Electrical contracting work. Our highly trained SAE team members allow us to offer you:

  • Solar power system installation & maintenance
  • Solar hot water installation & maintenance
  • Air conditioning installation & maintenance for split systems, multi-systems and ducted air con.
  • Window Tinting for both commercial buildings and residential homes
  • Electrical services, both level 1 & level 2 accredited electricians for high voltage, overhead and underground works. This also includes property poles work.
  • Energy Efficiency work, including LED Lighting, energy assessments and solutions

This unique combination of services means that SAE are able to offer you a completely tailored solution to your energy requirements. Letting you take advantage of free power from the sun where appropriate and combining it with conventional electrical solutions. Combining these services in one company means that SAE are able to offer great value for money and very competitive pricing.

Still got questions and can’t wait for us to call? Give us a call now: 1300 18 20 50

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