How To Save On Air Conditioning Costs

There are a number of ways you can save on air conditioning costs!

We at SAE group can show you how to save on your air conditioning costs. We are all about helping you save energy and money by making the right decisions in terms of the way you use energy.

How you save money on your air conditioning costs is going to depend on your setup – and this includes everything from the size, make and model of your A/C unit, to the spaces you’re cooling and the power you’re using to power it. Another factor is how much direct sunlight reaches the space you are trying to cool.

Some common and easy ways to save on air conditioning costs include:

– Updating your A/C unit – Newer units tend to be far more efficient than older units and depending on what you’ve got, it may pay to invest in a new one.

– Use natural cooling more effectively – Cross breezes, ventilation and insulation can all drastically reduce the need for your air conditioning unit to run, there by reducing your costs. Specialised window tinting can have a dramatic effect in helping reduce your air conditioning costs.

– Run your air conditioning with solar power – Installation of a solar power system can cut your air conditioning costs drastically – especially if your peak A/C usage hours are during the day (when it’s hottest).

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