Ducted Air Conditioning Is Now Real Value for Money

Ducted Air Conditioning is a Complete Solution that Adds Value to Your Home or Office

With all the technological and energy efficiency advancements, ducted air conditioning is now a real consideration for many home owners.  Living in Australia’s harsh climate almost dictates the need for quality air conditioning that has proven reliability.  The benefit of ducted air conditioner systems is that they are now a competitively priced when compared to a multiple room split system installation.
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The Major Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning Include:

A Ducted Air Conditioning Solution by Daikin

  • Complete home solution: Every room is air conditioned in summer & heated in winter.
  • Easy control: Central temperature and zone control options, and this usually includes set and forget timers.
  • Zones: Separate air conditioned zones provide flexibility, efficiency and economy.
  • Even air distribution: Greater comfort as there are no hot or cold spots in your home.
  • Very large range: different systems are available to suit the requirements to meet the need, size and style of your home.
  • Aesthetics: With only grills mounted in ceiling or floor visible, ducted air conditioning systems do not intrude into the overall appearance of your rooms.
  • Noise: With all the noise producing equipment in the ceiling, under the floor or outside, the ducted air conditioner is the quietest of all air conditioning options.
  • Added Value: In most houses it is cheaper to install ducted air con than to install wall hung split systems in multiple rooms. Adding ducted air conditioning also adds to the overall value of your home.



SAE Group have a wealth of experience in ducted air conditioning systems and installation.  Our qualified specialists and installers can work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the system that will effectively control the temperature throughout your home.  We only work with, and supply energy efficient ducted air conditioning units as reducing running costs and energy efficiency is at the heart of everything we do. Learn more about our Brands of Ducted Air conditioners.

Ducted air conditioning is the ultimate climate control solution for the majority of Australian homes and businesses.  For climate controlled comfort throughout your entire home, there really is no other comparative solution.

Ducted Air Conditioners can be installed in a new home or designed to suit an existing home.  The indoor unit is usually located within the ceiling or under the floor, with flexible ducting distributing conditioned air through vents located in chosen areas throughout the house. The condensing unit is then located outside the house.

There are variables that can impact on the ease of installation, efficiency and running costs of ducted air conditioning.  Due to this, it is important to get expert advice on the right sized system.  If the system is too small you will not be able to control your temperature properly; if it is too large your system will be overpowered and inefficient.


Ducted air conditioning layout plans by ActronAirIn the Australian climate, ducted air conditioning is ideal for whole house applications.  A reverse cycle ducted air conditioner allows you to easily control the temperature in your home, keeping you cool in summer and switching effortlessly to reverse cycle to warm you through winter.

The ability to separate your home into zones is an advantage.  This is a great benefit, as you are able to switch off zones in areas that are unoccupied.  This reduces your energy consumption.  However, you want to ensure the ducted air conditioner you choose is able to zone down to one room.  This will stop energy being wasted through excess air.



Ducted air conditioning is the ideal solution for whole house applications.  By choosing a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner you can easily control the temperature in each room of your home.  You can now look forward to staying cool in summer and switching effortlessly to reverse cycle to warm you through winter.

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