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Residential Energy Storage Set to Explode In Australia

Australia’s love for Solar Energy is set to see an explosion in Residential Energy Storage According to the latest commentary published by US analysis firm GTM Research, Australia has huge potential for energy storage which is being driven by the success of the Australian PV Solar industry. Industry predictions are that that by 2020, Australia will be […]

20k for small business EOFY

Save With Solar and the EOFY

Make The Most Of Your Tax Deductions With Solar and the EOFY 2016 In May 2015, Joe Hockey the then-Treasurer announced a major jump in the value of items that businesses could write off immediately from $1,000 to $20,000 instead of the usual depreciation over several years. “Small business can claim an immediate tax deduction for […]

Finally an Election Stance on Solar & Renewable Energy

Not Sure Where the Political Party’s Stand on Solar & Renewable Energy? The Greens have just announced their initiative for Solar & Renewable Energy on their website, What is exciting is their vision for Australia to achieve 90% clean energy and double energy efficiency by 2030. The Greens’ plan has the simple objective to deliver clean […]

Solar Power 2kW for solar & renewable energy

Large Commercial Solar Install For Solo Resource Recovery

SAE Group’s latest 143kW large commercial solar install More and more companies are discovering the value of installing Solar power systems. Recently SAE Group were approached by Solo Resource Recovery to quote on a large commercial Solar Install across two separate buildings. Solo Recovery is a 100% Australian owned and operated waste management and industrial services […]

SOLO RICO Recovery Systems

Solar Battery Recycling

With the uptake of solar storage, Solar Battery Recycling is becoming an important issue. The increasing number of solar panel installations in households around Australia is providing a new market opportunity for energy storage. Large batteries or multiple batteries joined together in battery banks can store the energy produced by solar panels. The household can […]

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