SAE Group Solar Installation Testimonials

Here at SAE Group, we pride ourselves on excellence and a job well done regardless of the size of the Solar installation. In fact, we specialise in Solar quotes and installation from small residential 1.5kW to large 100kW commercials systems.

With SAE Group, the price you get is inclusive of everything you need for a top quality system.

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Unlike other solar companies, SAE Group do absolutely everything from start to finish. There is a reason we are a Solar Quotes Platinum Rated Installer … we pride ourselves on the quality of our systems and installations.

But don’t take our word that we are the best, hear what some of our customers have to say:

Solo Recovery 99kW Solar Installation

Solo Resource Recovery Solar

Both Solo Resource Recovery and RICO Recovery Systems found the entire process of investigating, sizing, developing a business case and installing the Solar System to be very educational and informative. Nathan from SAE was always available to answer questions, provided prompt responses and information immediately. The installation was smooth and very well coordinated, especially between SAE, the energy provider and retailers. Nothing was too much and any issues were addressed immediately.
Thank you SAE Group
Christian Wells – Procurement Manager
Solo Resource Recovery

Solo Recovery

1.5kw Solar

2kW Solar Installation

Great company to deal with. I was most impressed with the company representative from his first visit through to his last. He explained everything clearly and precisely and was happy to take my calls whenever I had a query. I was also impressed with the office staff at SAE Group. Whenever I rang with an enquiry there was always someone there to take my call and give me the answers I needed. The installation process was seamless and was done between 2 and 3 weeks after signing the contract. The installers were courteous and completed the job very efficiently. I was given clear instructions as to how the system worked. Energex connected me up 11 days after the installation so the whole system is now up and running. We would be happy to recommend SAE Group to anyone, which we have done already

Mark Queensland

Szandurski - SAE Solar Installation Testimonial

Residential Solar

While it has been a very busy time for all solar installers, we have found the company was very helpful on any enquiries we made and all time lines under their control were met. I would recommend SAE group to you if you are considering a solar system.

John & Gail

SAE Solar Installation Testimonial

Solar Installation Thornlands QLD

Thank you very much, for a job well done!

Bill Guttorsmen Thornlands QLD

Frazer - SAE Solar Installation Testimonial

Solar Installation Frazer

I recently had a 3.14 kw grid connected solar installation done by SAE Group. The system comprises of 13x 240w Winaco panels and a 3kw SMA SB3000HF-30 inverter. The 3 SAE Group installers did an excellent job of both installing the equipment and working in a professional manner. The solar system is working better than expected with the first full sun day of producing 18.65kwhr. Over 5 days which included 2 days of cloud, the system has produced 66.1 kwhr of power. I would recommend SAE Group to anyone considering getting a solar installation done. Regards

Bruce Frazer QLD

Tapsell - SAE Solar Installation Testimonial

Solar Installation Brisbane

When they had completed the task, all waste materials were cleaned up, tidied away and the work area was left in the same condition as when they arrived. I have had builders and carpenters at our home over the last year and what a mess they do leave. Matt informed me of maintenance requirements, who to contact in the event of faults, and that Energex are required to come and complete work before the system can be activated. Matt, Jon and Josh were well mannered, polite and just a pleasure to have at my home.

Di Tapsell Brisbane QLD

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