WINAICO Solar Panels

WINAICO Solar Panels are focused on high quality and excellent performance.  WINAICO produce an exceptional range of solar modules with consistently strong independent test results and an “all-risk” insurance policy.  WINAICO are a premium solar panel manufacturer for customers who prefer a European engineering.

Winaico Solar Panels (WSP-M6) received the Excellence Award as the best performing module in regards to the safety, reliability and efficiency of the product.  This award was received in 2014.  In addition to this, Winaico are currently participating in the Desert Knowledge Project being conducted here in Australia.

WINAICO are owned by Win Win Precision Technology and product quality assurance and excellent customer service. Winaico Solar Panels are manufactured at their Taiwan operations.  The solar panel warranties boast a guaranteed power output of more than 97% in the first year and no more than 0.7% p.a. degradation for the next 24 years.


Winaico Solar Panels - for quality and performance

WINAICO Solar Panel Features:

  • Use of top quality brand components exclusively
  • Linear performance guarantee over 25 years
  • 10-year product warranty
  • Plus tolerances of 0/+5 Wp
  • Anti-PID technology
  • Hot-Spot protection
  • Low initial degradation (LID)


Winaico Solar Panels - a premium manfacturer, high quality panelsDownloads

WINAICO SOLAR PANELS 240W Polycrystalline Datasheet