Risen Solar Panels

Risen Solar Panels are a Tier 1 Solar Panel

Risen Solar Panels


  • Risen Solar Panels have the most advanced cell equipments in the industry
  • Risen Energy have been in business for more than 12 years, as a professional manufacturer and energy solution provider.  This company is listed in the China Growth Enterprise Market
  • Risen Energy is a Tier 1 Solar Company
  • Risen is backed by 3rd Party Insurer, Chubb



Risen Solar Photon Test Results
Download the Risen Solar Panel Datasheet
Chubb Insurance Certification

Risen solar panels offer the most advanced cell equipment on the industry.  This ensures the high efficiency of the solar cells.  The Risen solar panels have passed the German TUV Certification Tests, the National Grade Test and Reliability Laboratory which cover all test items of UL1703 and IEC61215/61730 (UL, CE and MSC certifications).  For more information on this, please read the ‘Risen Solar Photon Test Results’ available in the Downloads section above.  This is due to their strict process controls and quality assurance.

In addition to this, Risen solar panels qualify as a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer.  To attain this, there are a number of criteria that Risen Energy had to meet.  As part of this process, Risen’s entire manufacture process is fully automated, from the welding to the power test in the module line.  This is to maintain the highest quality and reliability.


 Risen Solar Panel, an efficient, Tier 1 solar panel

Risen Solar Panel Specifications:

  • Extremely good panel performance
  • Positive tolerance guarantee for every panel
  • Polycrystalline solar panel
  • German TüV Certification Tests
  • 12 Year warranty at 100% power output
  • 12 Year warranty at 90% power output
  • 25 Year warranty at 80% power output
  • Ranked #2 in Photon Laboratory’s Outdoor Module Test
  • Third party liability and quality insurance via Chubb Insurance
  • Average installed actual power yield 5% higher than theoretical
  • Passed more than 18 IEC tests in State Level Laboratory
  • Plus tolerances of 0/+3 Wp


Risen is one of a small number of solar panel manufacturers that offer third party insurance in relation to the performance guarantees offered with their solar panels (see Seraphim Solar Panels).  This insurance is provided by a leader in the insurance industry, CHUBB (see related information in the above download section).


Logo for Risen Solar, a tier 1 solar panel manufacturerRisen Energy Co. Ltd,  founded in 2002, is a professional manufacturer and energy solution provider of solar energy and Risen solar panels.  The company is listed in the China Growth Enterprise Market, with the brand of “Risen” valued at 11.7 Billion in RMB (2012.11.08). They offer a 12 year product guarantee, 12 year production warranty of 90%, 25 year warranty of 82% on the Risen solar panels power output and are insured by the six main Chinese insurance companies.