Folding Solar Panels

Folding Solar Panels by Luxen

Folding Solar Panels Available Now!  Luxen LNFA-95M Solar Panels with a combined output of 190W.

On Sale for $249Luxen Folding Solar Panels*

Luxen have earned a reputation for designing and producing good quality solar panels.  This folding solar panel set up features two 95w solar panels joined on hinges.  Obtain a couple of accessories and you will be generating your own solar power.

This particular set up is ideal for use as a portable system.  Great for use with;

  • Caravans
  • Camping
  • Power to a shed

* On Special for $249.00 plus shipping & handling.

Features Include:

  • Efficient conversion, to help maximise your results
  • Good performance in low light environments (It is important to remember that solar panels generate electricity through the UV lighting, not through heat)
  • Construction includes tempered glass designed to be anti-reflective (great for the campsite/caravan park), and is highly transparent for better efficiency
  • The aluminum frame is anodised for resistance to corrosion, for a longer life

Luxen Folding Solar Panels Specifications Label

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